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100 Businesses You Can Start for Under $500
By Blaine Brooks:

Read the Free E- book 100 Businesses you can Start for Under $500 by Brian Brooks.INTRODUCTION

If we can, Let us start out with a story.

 Larry is a older man who worked for a well known manufacturing business. He started out with many years ago as a shipping/ receiving clerk. He worked overtime, weekends, had a great attitude/ work ethic and did all the extras. He was subsequently promoted steadily up the corporate ladder, over many years of loyal service. earning a 401K, stock options, the works! Within a year of retirement, he was the V.P. of the Midwest region. His company's 401K and stock options steadily growing since early on in his employment. He also invested the maximum allowed, additional moneys, on a regular basis to this tax shelter program, while also purchasing their publicly traded stock, at employee discount, that had proven stable for many years . Proud as a peacock, at age 58, he would brag to my father that he was only $50,000 away from being a millionaire. They both traded stories and longed for the day that their lunch pails would be replaced by tackle boxes and they would wind out the remaining years of their lives as “fish assassins” of the many lakes of the Midwest. Great plan “right!”

Well as it turned out in 2008 Larry’s manufacturing company had a change of management. (Dad died and his kid took over). Through poor management and a round of corporate fund mismanagement, or some say "embezzlement"! (Of course these people can steal and never go to jail, but that is a whole new book), the company raided the employee pension to pay debt, and to artificially keep the stock price up. About the same time this was going on, the board of directors started selling a large portions of their company stock forcing the price way down while also eliminating dividends for normal investors and employees holding company stock for many years.

So what is Larry doing now? Well, he was forced into retirement early, by the company he showed 36 years of loyalty to. Because they could hire 2 less qualified employees for his current wage. His million dollar retirement was now valued less than $200,000  That is only $4,000 a year interest income to live on! He wakes up every day to enjoy his golden years as a pest control employee, coughing and wheezing from handling dangerous chemicals and lugging around 50 pound containers all day. That is the payoff for being a loyal employee, for many years. Larry is not alone. There are thousands of these horror stories facing baby boomers nationwide.

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 We all know that in this day and age, the disparity between employers incomes and their former middle class employees are growing father apart, at a time when real estate, fuel, etc. is soaring at record highs. Most of our employers don’t even know our wives name, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., nor even care. They can take vacations, buy expensive gifts for their spouses and get a new luxury car every year. Their kids can enjoy the benefits of a private school education and new clothing anytime. Maybe this is why they learn to abuse, set themselves above, and feel superior to the employees who have been such a benefit to them for all their lives. Meanwhile you and your co workers seem to put in all of your time and efforts, to the best of your capability, and still struggle!

Here’s the fact: No employer will ever give you a fair shake. In the end they are using your efforts, then charging an inflated rate to someone else for products or services, for those same skills. They have no motivation to help you create wealth, or have financial freedom. It is exactly the opposite. “ The longer they can keep you broke, the easier it is to control you and keep you as their employee, making them money.” The only secret they have is how they accomplished to convince all these people into thinking they care and have no way to change their current situation.

Let me change your life with 1 sentence:

The only way you will have any significant wealth, leisure time, family harmony, hobbies etc. is to get off the “earn to survive treadmill”, and enjoy the income, tax benefits and freedom working for yourself.

Quit counting on an employer to provide you and your family with sustenance. Quit waiting for Management to notice your talents and promote you. Take charge of your own life and give your family the wealth they deserve. Earn respect of customers that are now paying you directly and finally cut out the middleman of Corporate America all together. Only a free person can really enjoy their lives to the fullest. You, my new friend, deserve to give yourself and your loved ones the gift of financial freedom, stability and all the comforts this world has to offer.

But how would you start your own business? How would you get the money? How much time would it take? Who would be my customers?

In the immortal words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: “ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

Pep Talk

Welcome to the world of being your own boss, taking command of your future, and most importantly, creating a lifestyle that gives you financial freedom. Most people think that owning a business is a impossibility. They assume that vast amounts of money, time and planning go into every new business. Even most books on the subject will intimidate the new entrepreneur into thinking that starting your own business is for someone with a lot of money, is extremely intelligent, with a vast education and contacts with wealthy people. I am here to tell you that all of these notions are ridiculous.

In all reality the most profitable and stable businesses are created by common people everyday, without vast resources or educational background. The key to being a business owner is to develop a lifestyle that takes into account your dreams, family, friends, hobbies and financial needs first. After these needs and dreams are identified you can find many businesses that will cater to your “Lifestyle”. You just need to pick one. Many business owners started out part time while they kept their current job. Once they got over the learning curve of their new venture and made substantial profits, they quit their job. It only makes sense, because now they make a higher income by working for themselves, along with having the freedom of a flexible schedule to enjoy their family and friends.

At this point life takes on a new meaning. There is more time for dreams and family. Your financial security is always assured, because of the self discipline you now master will always keep your substantial income solidly in your own hands. Work hard and make a lot of money on your own knowledge, unique talents and effort. It may be hard for a year or two, but anyone in business for themselves will tell you it gets far easier over time. Most would never work for anyone else ever again now they know all the freedoms of owning their own business.

Use this e-book as a guide for the formulation of your new business, as well as a handy resource that identifies professionals for small issues that will inevitably arise in your first year or two. Also included in this book is a list of 100 very successful businesses that can be started for under $500. we also offer web links to go into further detail on a variety of subjects to help ensure your success. Armed with this knowledge you will have many necessary tools to create the “Lifestyle” of your dreams, with  a successful business you and your family will be proud of and enjoy for many years.

Congratulations! You have already demonstrated the number 1 trait that shows me that you will succeed. Self motivation is the lifeblood of your business. The simple fact you are reading this e- book shows that you are already looking for more out of your life and are willing to invest your personal time and resources to make you and your family's dreams come true. Keep this attitude and give yourself a year or two and you will create the “Lifestyle” that only people who completely control their own destiny can enjoy.

Freedom is the ability to make choices. Let me ask you a very targeted question.

When was the last time you remember having compete control of your future? Was it before you learned the responsibility of marriage, a job, kids, mortgages, bills. Do you feel like your life is controlled by your bills. Would you work at your current job if you had a choice?

A majority of people would tell you they are only spokes in the wheel. They work to barely survive and get very little personal satisfaction from their jobs. But need money to pay the bills. They are firmly running on the "Earn to Survive" treadmill. They would do so much more, in their life, if they only had more time and money

Well, I am here to tell you! You are a master of your own destiny. You hold the power to make a huge impact on your life and many others lives as well. You are powerful and experienced! You hold the key to the “Lifestyle” of your dreams. Go outside and proclaim, “ I am a money making machine! I am a Master of my own Destiny!, I am all Powerful and Knowledgeable!” I’m not kidding do this!

Are you back and motivated now. Let’s get to work.

Retail Promotions of AZ will be offering this full E-book for Free adding 1 chapter every week to their blog. Check Back and Contact their New Business Development Consultants with any questions.


1.) Legal Business Entities

2.) The Fun Stuff

3.) Banking

4.) Professionals Needed

5.) Tax Benefits of Owning your Own Business

6.) Public Relations

7.) Your Target Market

8.) Marketing your Business

9.) Reinvesting your Profits Wisely

Good Reading and Good Luck!

Read the Free E- book 100 Businesses you can Start for Under $500 by Brian Brooks.1.) Window Washing Service

Start a Window Washing Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedThis is a guaranteed money maker, with next to nothing in start up costs. Go to Home Depot, grab the required tools and you are in business. Flyers and a local phone can be your marketing tools. Even if you do not have a car, you can start a window washing company.

2.) Message Delivery Service

Call around for attorneys, real estate professionals, business professionals, etc. get your notary license and be a mobile document service. You just need to drop off important documents to your clients customers, get signatures, notarize the signatures legally. Use a cell phone as your contact #, so you are always accessible and charge $20- $40 per delivery. These people have big bucks riding on these documents, for their own paychecks. They have no problem paying your nominal fee.

3.) Mobile Meal Delivery

As sighted earlier in this book, Mobile Meal Delivery is a simple business to operate. First, you locate construction areas, offices, elderly/ disabled people, etc., where they will allow you to offer your services. Then either prepare the meals yourself, or make some deals with a local sub shop or other eating place and hit the road. You can have different meals/ food type for each day of the  week to keep it from being boring for your customers, plus this will stimulate repeat business as you will very quickly know what your customers want. You can easily sell 100- 300 meals per day at a good profit, plus tips. Drop off new food items on flyers with the delivered meals to keep your business expanding. This business writes off almost all expenses with tax credit and if you do help delivering to the elderly/ handicapped state and local monies are sometimes available to make even more profit.

4.) Shuttle Service

Get a license and a tax I.D. #, then offer rides to people in your area. Target Market can include transporting children's sport teams, executives to and from the airport, elderly shoppers, intoxicated patrons, etc. All your vehicle expenses are tax deductible. You can work whenever you want and lease great vehicles every 2 years. Expansion can move into limousines, specialty vehicles, busses and more. You can also offer local transport/ shipping of a variety of products and services.

5.) Automobile Maintenance

If you are a good mechanic, then you already know that you are in demand. Start out by fixing friends cars, do oil changes, clean and detail, etc. You can write off many new tools, small equipment and rent the garage space in your home to your business to help with your mortgage/ rent. Expand by selling autos you fix up at an inflated price, buy a building and offer more services to more people. If you are a auto enthusiast, this can be a great business.

6.) Aquarium/ Aquatic Maintenance

Go to local businesses and show the value of having an aquarium/ waterfalls/ water gardens in their business and home. Then get a discount from wholesale suppliers of these items and sell them to the customer, set them up and charge a modest monthly service fee to show up and make sure that all the plants and fish are in the most desirable environment/ condition.

7.) Lawn Care/ Cleanup/ Outdoor Maintenance

Start a Landscape Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedStart out by mowing, fertilizing and cleaning up the outside of local businesses/ homes. During the winter, plow, salt and snow blow walkways/ parking areas. Get a great tan, work outside in fresh air, and exercise every day. Expansion is accomplished with bigger mowers, new vehicles, a new building offering retail sales of landscape/ gardening supplies. This is another business where write offs are many and the ability to make money is very easily accomplished.

8.) Write your own newsletter or e-newsletter

Find a niche market in your community, or on the world wide web, that you have interest, or expertise at. Identify news and relevant information this group of people would read about and offer them a free newsletter. You can charge for ad space to local businesses that sell related products, sell your subscriber data list to businesses,
Advertise with Retail Promotions of Arizona Citrus News. Targeting the Upscale Orchard Mesa Community
20,000 55+ Senior Mobile Home Owners will see your Business in the Retail Promotions of Arizona Park Newscharge to feature products, etc. You can make a lot of money and write off computers, printers, travel, entertainment, vehicles, cameras, etc. Expansion is easy! Add to the size of your newsletter and have more space to collect more advertising revenue. If you are an e-publication contact our web staff and we will be happy to help you increase circulation and get you a ton of customers.

9.) Manufacturing

There are hundreds of items people make. From knit blankets to fishing lures there is never a shortage of stuff people will buy. This is already a hobby for most people, but you can easily improve current techniques and equipment to mass produce these items. Then put them on Ebay, take them to stores, flea markets and special events to be sold. Expansion will allow you to make larger quantities of your items at decreased costs to supply larger businesses. Write off all supplies, travel, warehouse space, marketing, packaging, etc. Work the hours you want and fill those orders. There are also many finished products that you can purchase and combine them in a group package, or make the item more valuable. There is a rich guy who didn't invent bread or slicing, but his idea was as good. When is the last time you heard of something as big as "Sliced Bread"

10.) Assembly Company

Almost all furniture and large ticket items sold in this country, require assembly. Go to local stores that sell these items and offer them to assemble their large ticket items for their customer on site. Whether they buy a new Entertainment Center, Bicycle, Bed, etc. you will deliver and assemble the item for them. most stores will offer the service as a way to increase sales and pay you out of the store. Be ready to be busy during Christmas. Write offs are unlimited and you can easily expand into selling these same items in your own store.

10,000 Newspaper Inserts to your Customers Local Mailbox for as Low as $299. Unleash the power of Retail Promotions of AZ Megasend11.) Vending Routes

Printers offer Honor Boxes that have food items in them with a small slot for money. These are to be placed, at the location with a variety of snacks in the box. Most boxes fit 100 items and give the owner a profit of $80 for every refill. It is a good idea to give 10% to a local charity and place a sticker from the charity on the box. This will decrease the amount of snacks not paid for. You should also make sure the employer guarantees that they will cover any shortages. Use your affiliation with the charity to make sure you will not experience theft and guilt the owner into paying any shortages. As you grow, buy electric vending machines to replace the honor boxes. Most vending machine owners average about $100.00 per machine per visit and work few hours. To realize big money about 40 locations are required at good locations. Write offs are plentiful and the freedom of this kind of business is unsurpassed.

12.) Swap Meet Supplies

For every flea market and swap meet in America, you would think that supplies such as poles for tents, price tags, banners, etc. would be available. this is not true. Every person I know that specialized in the equipment for swap meet vendors, is doing extremely well. Go to a local Home Depot or related store and custom cut poles and fasteners to create a marketable sales environment for vendors. Expansion is easily done by offering merchant accounts for credit cards and other high ticket items in event marketing. You can also rent the tents and banners for a variety of other special events. Write offs are many and you only have to work weekends.

13.) Maid Service

Start a Residential Cleaning Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedEvery person that does not have the time or like to clean is your customer. Grab a couple of pails and your cleaning supplies and get to work. Expansion is very easy and cheap, because you can pay additional employees on a 1099 basis. That means you are not responsible for any additional taxes or insurances, because each employee is an independent contractor. The only limit to your income is how many accounts you can get. Offer your employees at $25 / hour and keep half the money. there is a reason that janitorial services make up the largest segment of franchises sold. "They make money!"

14.) Write a Book

Every person out there has experience and unique information about topics that other people would want to know. Take a little time and great thought in writing a manual/ book. You can print the book or offer it on the internet (E-Book). Target your market according to the topic of your book and sell it. The beauty of this business is that it opens the door to public speaking and media interviews as an additional revenue stream. Also, once the book is written you can just sit back and sell it. There is little overhead and high profit.

print-web-pg-graphic15.) Get yourself a Real Estate License.

The average real estate professional after 2 years in the business earns over $100,000. Since a Real Estate Agent is an Independent Contractor, all the tax write offs discussed earlier apply. You do not have to have any great sales ability to sell Real Estate. Most of the time homes sell themselves. With your new knowledge you can invest, buy and sell or rent real estate on your own and easily build hundreds of thousands of dollars of net worth every year. Most licenses are under $500 and vary per state. Courses last about 8 –12 weeks and agents are always in demand. You can easily keep your current job and be a real estate agent at the same time.

16.) Pest Control Specialist

There are two common variables in life. There are thousands of bugs versus every person on this planet and no person wants to live with even one of them in their home. The tools needed to spray for bugs and rodent removal are cheap. You will need to get a license to handle the chemicals at a nominal fee. After this is done, you simply find accounts. Find out what the competition is charging and go get as many accounts as you can handle. You can charge about $50/ visit and write off many personal expenses. You can add employees as independent contractors so you don’t have to worry about additional Payroll Taxes.

17.) While you are away Home Care

Homeowners need tons of services. Start a Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedThere are many people in this country that travel for long periods of time. While they are gone, you go to the house daily and pick up/ forward the mail, keep the yard mowed, make sure the timers for the lights are working, etc. People pay about $20 per visit for this piece of mind. You can do 40 visits in a week easily. You use the homeowners belongings instead of your own. Also growth can be achieved by doing additional tasks while the clients are away (clean the basement, garage, change oil, spray, etc.) and you can get your client list from local travel agents.

18.) Wallboard/ Bathroom Advertising

This is a great small business. Solicit as few as 5 advertisers and charge them ad space per month at any retail bathroom. Get the retail businesses to agree to the advertising by paying them a yearly fee or free advertising. Then just place ads in poster frames, in restrooms around your area. When you get into a location you just go by once and a while to make sure the ad looks good with a bottle of Windex. The last person I know who did this had 50 locations in his first year, billed out $100/ per month per location. That’s right $5,000/ month for hiring a printer and driving around with Paper Towels and Windex.

19.) Mobile Advertising

It looks easy and it is. You can make big $$$ with a few costumes and a playful nature! Start a Human Billboard Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedHave you seen the las vegas trucks pulling around a trailer with a large billboard sign advertising a special event. This is mobile advertising. Many Car Dealers, Event Coordinators, Taverns, Restaurants use these services at $200-500/ Day. Just custom brace a large billboard on a trailer and drive around the target area all day. Expansion is easy by just purchasing more trailers and hiring individuals as independent contractors to do the driving. Write offs are many and profit is high in this kind of business. You can also contract for farmers land on highways and other high traffic areas where painted semi-trailers and permanent signs can be placed to expand your business.

20.) Promoter

Do you like live music/ theatre/ comedy? Just go find yourself a local venue. Talk to the city for permits then sell tickets to your event. Additionally contract out the food and beverage vendors ( which pay you very well), and sell tickets. You can use off duty police for security through the local police department. The average on a 1,000 person event generates about $10,000- $40,000 in revenue for concessions ( That you take 15– 25% of) and if you charge $20/ Ticket that is an extra $20,000 ( Minus the cost of security and entertainment) in your pocket.

21.) Mobile Dent Repair/ Auto Detailing

Go to a customers place of work, take the car to a wash and then detail it right in the parking lot. You can offer additional services like window tinting/ windshield repair, dent removal, etc. If you do a great job, I guarantee new customers in every parking lot you work at. Place a sticker on the window like the oil change guys. Offer a free detail for 10 referrals. You can again expand with independent contractors for additional clients. It is also a good idea to leave a calendar, pen, refrigerator magnet, etc. to keep your company in the mind of the customer at all times. Most of these professionals make in excess of $500/ day

22.) Book a Large Vacation

I did this in college. Go to a travel company and see what kind of discount you can get for booking 100 people to go on a vacation. Most of the time the saving is up to 50%. Then take their free materials and get your friends and family to come with you on a vacation. On an average ticket of $1000/ vacation you can put $500 per person in your pocket. Work it out so you get a free vacation and a suite. You have no costs as far as sales materials, because they are supplied by the travel agency. If you do 4 vacations per year that is a gross profit of $200,000. It is very smart to have a theme with your vacations ( Away Football Games, NASCAR, Singles Trips, Elderly People Singles Cruises, etc.) that way your customers will keep coming back every year with friends of their own.

23.) Pool Maintenance

100-Cleaning the filterIf you live in an area with a lot of swimming pools and love being active and outside this can be your dream job. Go to a home and maintain the cleanliness and chemical levels of the pool/ spa. Get clients by advertising by phone, flyer, and value packs. Your average visit should be under 30 minutes at a fee of around $100/ month. One person can handle up to 200 accounts netting a gross profit of $20,000/ month. This is a business that also can employ the services of independent contractors. Work as little or as much as you want and write off a ton of expenses.

Flyer-clist-fly-guy-f2f124.) Computer Assistance

With the growing number of people using computers along with the computer industry’s inability to give reasonable customer support at a reasonable price you can benefit. Simply offer telephone and on site assistance to people that have general computer/ software questions. You can get additional certifications through computer software companies and they will refer clients to you from their customer service department. You can also offer you services for assembly of new systems and equipment and use local retail computer stores as referral services.

25.) Auction Service

Are you an big league yard sale person? Take your talents to get people to list their items in your auction. Much Like event coordinating you charge an event fee (Ticket), take a percentage from the vendors, and take a 20– 50% cut from the sale of the item. Do one auction per month and pull down big bucks. You have many write offs and a high chance of success in the Auction Business. You can also set up silent auctions for large ticket items.

26.) Personal Trainer

100-personal-trainerAre you a person who spends a lot of time in the gym. You are needed by a multitude of overweight people. You can teach them the correct ways to exercise to maximize the effectiveness of the workout, while teaching them about safety. These professionals also help in the areas of proper diet and nutrition. The simple fact is that very few people can self motivate themselves to work out on a consistent basis. Your role as their personal trainer will pay them great dividends in their personal wellness while at the same time putting money in your pocket. Trainers can have a s many as 3 clients at the same time and charge according to their knowledge/ education. Expansion can be achieved by selling vitamins/ health equipment and building your own gym.

27.) Karaoke Host

I Love to Sing! I will go to a Karaoke Bar before any other form of entertainment. What most people do not know is that with a couple of Microphones, a few cables and some discs that your home stereo can easily be a Karaoke Machine. You can contract out to local taverns, weddings, birthdays, private parties and the best part is that your vocal abilities will be better than ever before. As a Karaoke Host your business can sell its services for up to $500 per night. Expansion is easy by adding discs to your collection and making your show more classy. You can write off a ton of music equipment for yourself and work as much or as little as you want. Who Knows? Maybe you will be the next American Idol.

28.) Locksmith

Have you ever re-keyed a lock? Do you know how to use a Slim Jim? You have all the necessary skills to be a locksmith. Every year thousands of people in your area need to change locks. Whether because of a move or because of security, you are in demand. In this business you will want to use a number in the name of your business and buy a big ad in the phone book. When people are in need you want them to see you first.

29.) Car Battery Jumps for events

I know of a way you can make $200/ day with an equipment cost of less than $100. Just take a car battery fasten it to a dolly and contract with local grocery stores, retail outlets to jump start dead cars. Charge $30 per jump and carry a cell phone with the number you have given. If you want, go to any event where a lot of people park their car. For every 200 people parked, one will need your assistance. If a tow truck is called they know they will spend $100. Keep a tow strap in the car in case they need to get to a garage and charge a fee plus mileage to get that car to their home or a garage. Work until you have the money to lease a tow truck then you are making over $2000/ week and can contract with local garages and police.

30.) Daycare/ Baby Sitting

If you love kids. You can be a Great Service to your Community making sure they are safe and happy! Start a Daycare Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedDo you love kids? Every person in life needs a baby sitter from time to time. Traditionally young teens will do the job, but more and more people are concerned at the quality of care their children are receiving. Take the required space in your home and build a playroom with toys and video games for children of all ages. Instead of going to a clients home, have them bring the kids to you. One capable person should be able to handle multiple children. Depending on your area some licensing may be required, but it is minimal. You can charge $20 + $4 per hour and make up to $1,500/ week. All of the improvements to your home are write offs. To expand, create a daycare at another private office. State government have many grants and additional assistance when operating this kind of business.

31.) Work With a Charity

Many people do not associate charity as a way to make money, but how wrong they are.

Pick a charity already established or start your own. Take 50% of the proceeds and donate them while using the other 50% to pay for print materials and your salary. You will be giving money to people who need it through your efforts and your tax write offs are next to none as a charitable business. I cannot think of any better way to make money in this society than helping people. Just because you take a percentage doesn’t make it unethical. You need to make money too. No organization will say no to the donation because they know 50% is better than 0. A matter a fact, most nationally recognized charities give less than 25% of monies made to their cause.

Check with Your Local Government to make sure you are following all State and Federal Guidelines. Don't be a "Scammer" or break any laws. If you cheat needy people you are a Scumbag!

32.) Pet Grooming

Start a Pet Grooming Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedIf you love animals than this is the business for you. Proper animal grooming is essential for the health and longevity of any animal. Give each animal a hair trim and a bath. If you want, build a kennel in your back yard so pets can be dropped off and picked up later. You can also board animals while people are away and care for them. Every 1.6 households in America have a pet. Just convince your owners that you are a major key in the animals health and happiness. You can expand by building a bigger kennel and selling pet supplies.

33.) Selling Long Distance

Selling pre paid phone cards is a billion dollar business. With a few phone calls to local long distance companies you can get bulk minutes for under a penny a minute. Help local businesses and people by purchasing bulk minutes for their phone service at 50% off what they are paying now and make a lot of money doing it.

Get TV Service for as Low as $29.99/ month34.) Shoe Shining

I was pleasantly surprised one day between flights. A nice older gentleman offered to shine up my boots for $5. I had the time to kill so I said yes. He talked at length about politics, his grandkids and being old. When we were done, about five minutes later, I asked him how long he had done this job. He replied he had done this for 5 years, before that, he was a teacher of geography. I a puzzled look I asked him why he quit teaching. He said “I could never make this kind of money teaching!”. He put a shine on about 100 pairs of shoes a day and walked home with an average of $600 per day. I agreed that he should stay in business and if I ever get to Atlanta again I will definitely see him. You can do the same if you can find a high foot traffic area with extended waiting. You may have to give the location owner a cut, but if it is a good area “so what”.

35.) Bathroom Attendants

100-Bathroom Attendant Work StationI love these guys. After you are done in the restroom they are waiting with a paper towel, comb, cologne, a little gum/ cigar to make you look, feel and smell your best. You may be surprised to know that these people are actually independent contractors hired by the establishment. I have talked to many and most pull in about between $200-$500 per night. The business hires them at a fee to keep the restrooms sparkling clean during the busy times and they keep the tips. Expansion can be achieved by hiring other staff at other locations.

36.) Shopping Cart Repair

If you have been on this planet for a short time you are aware that there are many shopping carts in every large store that are less than a pleasure to use. Whether a broken wheel, cage, or just plain dirt and grime. Every cart should be maintained with oil and repairs at least once a month. Charge per the hour or just a straight fee to assure local stores will always have carts that make their customers shopping experience a good one. Most will let you number and put an ad in the cart saying “please tell us if your cart is not working” the store takes out the problem carts and you fix them. Expansion can come by signing up more stores and selling them refurbished shopping carts from businesses that you have acquired broken/ used carts from, that are fixed and good as new.

37.) Tree Trimming/ Removal Service

Offer to trim trees and remove dead ones. You only need a few yard tools and a chain saw, ladder and twine to get into this business. Just leave your card at any door that you think can use work and start chopping. You can use the dead trees as firewood to sell in the winter, and burn the brush to create organic mulch, for gardeners. Expansion can be accomplished by offering more services and starting a nursery of your own.

38.) Hobby Farm

The Life on Serenity and Peace. Start a Small Farming Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedUse your skills as a gardener to plant flowers, pumpkins, corn, tomatoes, etc. and sell them to retail customers or stores. All of your gardening equipment is a write off and you can plant as much or as little as you want. Expansion can include a greenhouse, larger farm, more varieties of plants and retail sales of gardening supplies. A lot of these people have adjoining gift shops that offer plant arrangements. If you have a green thumb then this could be the ideal existence for you.

39.) Hard Money Lender

Even if you do not have a lot of money now you easily could, being a hard money lender. These businesses charge up to 20% interest per month on loans to be paid back within 30 days. If the client is late additional fees are charged. With $500 invested in this fashion you would make $4,458 in a year. If you continued to reinvest, that same $500 would be worth $58,000 in five years. Your average annual return is over 900% every year. Have a sharp attorney to draw up paperwork that is binding to the lender and always require collateral two times the amount of the loan when lending money. You can easily expand into a check cashing store or don’t and watch your investments grow over time.

40.) Guide

Get Paid to Fish! Start a Guide Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedThis business is an Outdoorsman’s dream. If you love to camp, hunt, fish or just hike around you are not alone. Millions of Americans spend money on traveling into the outdoors and use a guide to show them the best spots in an area, for their interests. Guides are paid well in advance for the visit. Companies usually provide all the equipment and knowledge to make the outing a success. Go to your local Department of Tourism and Chamber of Commerce to get started.

Expansion can include new lodging and equipment. Yes it is True! You can get paid to go Fishing. The more services you provide, the more you can charge.

41.) Refurbishing Antiques/ Furniture

Do you like woodworking/ restoring antiques? You are needed. Every home in America has a piece of furniture or antique that has great personal value to them. Offer to make it look as good as new and collect big money. Also you can shop for many antiques that are in need of work, buy them, fix them up, and then sell them at a greatly inflated value. These are fashionable in any home and usually catch top dollar at local flea markets/ swap meets. Since a majority of restoring requires not much more than sandpaper, polish and a lot of time, overhead is small. This kind of business can expand into a retail store or purchase bigger machinery (at a write off) to do more elaborate projects. A hobbyist dream come true.

42.) Photography

Arizona Landscapes are beautiful. Print Your Own Posters with Retail Promotions of AZDo you enjoy taking pictures and are good at it? A business in Photography could be for you. Whether taking baby pictures, wedding photos, product pictures, or nature, you can turn this interest into money. Expansion will allow for a new studio, better equipment and more
Marketing to land larger accounts..

43.) Furniture Consignment

If you live close to a large apartment complex and/ or University you can easily do furniture consignment. Simply offer to buy furniture that individuals do not want, or can not take with them on a consignment basis. This means that you give the owner a cut of what the furniture sells for, so there is no out of pocket cost. You can also charge a 5%/ month fee for the storage of the item. A pretty easy business model, buy the goods from people who are moving out and sell them to people moving in.

44.) Rental Rehab Company

People who rent out properties are forced at the end of each term to re-paint, clean carpets, clean and sanitize, so they can rent them out again. You can do it all in one company. You can also offer your services to real estate companies, property management companies, homeowners that are selling their homes, etc. Growth can turn this kind of company into buying

foreclosure homes and fixing them up and/ or purchasing rental properties, as well as, offering their services as a carpet cleaner, painter or janitorial service.

45.) Carpet Cleaning

One of the oldest and stable businesses in this country. You can start out by renting the equipment for under $30/ day. You can advertise in a multitude of areas to get your customer base. Expansion can be easily achieved by leasing new vehicles, purchasing equipment and offering a wider range of services. Also when adding employees you can make them independent contractors, so you can avoid payroll taxes.

carpet-medic-sample3-clist47.) Painting

There are people who have the patience and skill to paint on their own. But many more people do not have the time or ability to do a professional job. Painting companies are always in high demand. All you need to start is paint, brushes, rollers, tape and you can rent a air pressure sprayer for the big jobs. When you get larger you can lease equipment and additional vehicles. You can also branch out into more service areas to get additional business.

48.) Broker

When asking business owners what a majority of them need the most is more business. Hook up with a multitude of service based companies and offer them your services as a broker. You have no overhead, because you will be using their marketing materials. Collect your Commission and let someone else do the hard work. As a broker you have a broad area for tax write offs and with more services you can offer the busier you will be.

49.) Parking Lot Maintenance

Large retailers are spending big money to make sure their parking lots and walk ways are without trash and swept every day. Many have plantings that need upkeep as well as old lines that need repainting. Specialize in this area and expand into more services in this area of business. Snow removal is also a big service to expand into during the winter. Land a couple big accounts and you will have all the business you can handle.

50.) Tile & Flooring Installation

Start a Custom Flooring Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedThere is few flooring surfaces that can match the beauty and durability of ceramic tile. The great part of being an installation company is that there is little cost in the installation except for the cost of materials and labor. So you can easily start a tile installation company with very little money down. You can grow your business into installing carpet, vinyl flooring and hard wood flooring. You can lease all your vehicles and write off many personal expenses.

51.) Block Wall Construction/ Fencing

Like most construction industries a majority of the expense in fence/ wall assembly is the materials and labor. You will have very few equipment to rent/ purchase. Market to existing home owners and try to get a few home builders as customers and you will be busier than you can handle. After a couple of jobs you should be able to estimate jobs per foot, building in your profit margin. Lease all your vehicles and equipment and have a great business.

52.) Exterior Home Cleaning

Dust, Rain and the sun can beat the shine off any home within a short period of time. Go get a pressure washer, ladders, brushes and some cleaning chemicals and help home owners keep their house looking good. Build your client base easily as your customers will probably use your service at least 2 times a year, for years to come. When growing, lease vehicles and equipment and try to get a building to store your multitude of tools.

53.) Sprinkler System Maintenance/ Construction

If you can put together Lincoln Logs you can install underground sprinkler systems. These save any home owner time from watering and keep the plantings around a home healthy and happy. You only need a few digging tools, PVC pipe, Sprinkler Heads and a timer. In colder climates you have to blow the water out of the system to ensure pipes do not crack before the winter. You can expand by offering garden pond installation, waterfalls and landscape design. Write off a ton of personal expenses and invest your surplus materials to beautify your own home and increase its value.

54.) Fireplace Installation/ Maintenance

fireplace-doors-toutXThere is few things as relaxing as a fireplace and your favorite place to relax. Offer home owners to install and maintain fireplaces and the ventilation pipes. You can buy the fireplaces at wholesale with your tax I.D. # and sell them for profit. You can also offer to clean chimneys and sell firewood to build additional revenue streams. Write off travel, meals, gas and leased vehicles/ equipment.

55.) Emergency Water Removal

It is an inevitable problem of home owners and business owners that at one time or another flooding or leakage will cause a huge problem. Invest in a water pump, buckets, fans, propane heaters and a few hand tools and be in demand. This is a business that you should definitely be in the phone book with a large ad. When naming your business try to have it start with a number or the letter “A” so that you are first on the list to be called. You can also contract to sand bag perimeters of properties during flooding and offer to install sump pumps at the homes that have current problems with flooding. Also most companies offer to seal basements and other flooring as preventative measures in high risk areas.

56.) Interior Design

Are you one of those people with a great eye for decorating. Put your skills to the test as an Interior Designer. Help the home owner with the purchasing of furniture and fixtures and contracting painting and other services for them. You do not need an expensive degree, just do a few homes so you can have an impressive catalog and go out and get clients. Purchase your own building and use it as a showroom and charge any company featured a hefty advertising fee. You can also use your own home as a show home, as a tax write off, thus increasing the value of your own home.

57.)Audio Video/ Theatre Systems

Do You have a Knack to Create the Ultimate Home Entertainment System? Let Retail Promotions of Arizona get you Customers.If you are a Audio/ Video Nut than this could be for you. Many people purchase expensive televisions and stereo equipment and never use 10% of the features. This is normally because they do not often know how to integrate their equipment in a user friendly way. Offer to help prospective customers purchase their equipment at a discount (because you can buy wholesale now from the manufacturers) and build the home entertainment system of their dreams. You can easily expand into a retail location in a short time. Purchase used equipment or trade it for services and sell it to other clients.

58.) Hauling Company

If you can haul a trailer or have a pickup truck you can create a hauling company. Many property managers, home owners, businesses and municipalities have the need to clean out an area or property. Offer to haul the junk/ brush away for them and make about $200 per load. Purchase a plot of land for burning/ recycling and haul the rest to the dump. Collect money on the recyclables and sell bags of the burned foliage with dirt as organic fertilizer for gardeners. You can expand with larger trucks and machinery to take on larger accounts. Since you are recycling as a business some grants and government aid is available during expansion.

59.) Brick Driveway/ Patio Installation

Nothing is more durable and beautiful than a brick patio and/ or driveway. If you have never done one you can easily find out how through a local tech school or home improvement store. Most of the expense is materials and labor. You can rent the tamper until you can afford to lease one. Expansion can happen with a building for materials and retail sales as well as, larger trucks and tractors to make each job faster.

60.) Commercial Janitorial Company

One of the easiest businesses to maintain and start out. Get all your cleaning supplies together and offer your services to local businesses. Very few businesses do their own cleaning so the market is wide open. Since the hours you work are often nights and weekends you can easily work full time and have a janitorial business at the same time. You can hire employees as independent contractors to avoid additional payroll taxes.

61.) Water Purification Specialists

Build your Muscles and Provide Clean Water to your Community. Start a Water Delivery Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedGet a water test kit and watch people whence in disgust as you show them how bad their tap water is. Offer water purification units for drinking fountains, showers, laundry, etc at a profit and install them. You can set them up for quarterly visits so you can test and replace old filters, salt and maintain the systems you have installed. Give a referral incentive to current customers and watch your business grow. Expansion can include a retail store and water delivery.

62.) Air Purification Specialists

There is no secret that the air, most of us are forced to breathe today, is terrible. Purchase an air quality tester and watch people in shock. Show them how health problems, such as second hand smoke, asthma and allergies can be greatly reduced by installing air purification systems and central vacuum systems. A majority of the cost to install is materials and labor so the upfront costs in starting are low. Expansion can include a retail store and hiring independent contractors as sales people to increase business.

63.) Motorcycle Training

More and more people are getting into motorcycling today than ever before. Teach people how to ride and maintain their bike. Also include safety tips and weekend rallies to educate people about the conduct of how to interact with patch holders, and other veteran cyclists so they can get the most out of their experience. Since you are a business owner you are eligible for additional discounts to purchase bikes and parts so you can help with your customers purchase of new motorcycles and take a cut of the sales and service business they purchase in the future through you affiliation with local sales and service shops you refer to them.

64.) Snow Removal

100-shovel snow wallOne of the costs of living in the beautiful north. Everyone knows that in order to get out of your driveway, or into work the parking lots and walkways must be clear of snow and ice. You just get a snow blower, snow shovels, salt and start knocking on doors. You can lease a plow truck as you get some money ahead, along with tractors and larger trucks to haul away the piles of accumulated snow. In the summer you will be armed with all the tools to deliver landscape raw materials, or construction materials on site to any job site.

Retail Promotions of Arizona. Serving the Entire Phoenix Valley!65.) Auto Painter

Are you a patient person who likes to work with their hands? Then maybe you can start an auto paint business. You can rent the tools starting out and do the work in your own garage at first. As you get ahead you can purchase a building, equipment and do jobs for commercial accounts that advertise using their fleet vehicles. With touch up work and constant car accidents in your community you will always be in demand.

66.) Singing Telegrams/ Gift Delivery

You don’t need to be a great singer to do this. Work with local florists and gift shops to offer a singing telegram and or gift delivery. Make up a number of routines for a variety of special occasions and accessorize with costumes and a really great dance number. Drop off cards as you leave to every one and wait until the next act. Singing Telegrams are paid between $50- $200 and receive tips. Not bad for an hour of work.

67.) Special Occasion Planner

If you have ever been married or had a large party, you can be a Special Occasion Planner. Help clients with booking the entertainment, all the way to photos and food. Do a good job and you will have clients coming to you. Start up costs are low as you are using other companies marketing materials and you can write off just about everything you do.

68.) Adult Leisure Education

A large and growing segment of our society. Seniors are a pleasure to do Business with. Let Retail Promotions of AZ show you how to get your Business in front of Arizona's SeniorsIn our changing world, one thing is constant. As a productive member of society we are forced to learn a variety of things on an ongoing basis. This keeps us current on new technologies and products as well as basic principals that we learn to enhance our lives. You can teach people about topics from computers, health, math, cooking, gardening, knitting, etc. and charge them. A typical course costs about $200 for 10 hours. Get 10 students per course and make a substantial living.

69.) Golf Lessons

Start a Golf Pro Business! Retail Promotions of AZ can get you all the Marketing/ Printing Materials to get startedThe one Constant in our world is that people love golf. If you are even a half way good golfer you have knowledge that is in high demand. Clients are easy to locate and what can be better tha telling your friends you are a Professional Golfer.

70.) Be a Clown

My family would say I don’t need a costume. But as a business clowns are in high demand. Book your days with appearances at car lots and restaurants, while packing your weekends and evenings with birthdays and other special events. You charge about $100/ hour and only need a costume, props, and a sense of humor.

71.) Closet Organization Company

Messy closets are an annoyance to anyone that is mildly concerned with the tidiness of their home/ office. There are many products available, but few that will custom manufacture space saving shelving at affordable prices. You can use plywood and a saw to build the shelving and paint, Formica, or paper to the shelves to give it a professional touch. Expand by getting a building, bigger equipment and offering more elaborate services.

Send your special Right to your customer's Cell Phone!72.) Used Tire Products

I saw this one in Mexico and applied it to a business. A major problem for tire companies is disposal of old tires. They are limited to where they can be stored and they cannot burn them. A smart entrepreneur would see this as a major advantage. Take away the tires from these companies at a fee of up to $10/ tire and make a variety of recycled consumer products from them. With used tires you can make sandals, swings, automotive barriers, etc. You end up paying nothing for cost of goods and sell your wares at local outlets.

73.) Lingerie/ Adult Toy parties

This business was featured on an HBO special. You simply find a catalog of lingerie and adult toys and cut a deal with the company to give you wholesale pricing and samples of their best selling items. Invite a few friends over and sell your products. This model can be used to sell a variety of goods and services. If you have ever been to wine testing party, Tupperware party, etc. Then you get it. Find a product that people normally wouldn’t purchase during their normal life, put alcohol and fun in the mix, and you have a winner. Expansion is easily achieved by hiring on more staff as independent contractors to sell your stuff.

74.) Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is one of this countries longest standing methods for starting your own business. It is easily done by making sales of products to people and conversely helping them offer the same products to others. By doing this you create a down line of consumers and have a great opportunity to make money. All of these companies offer low costs to get started and you can write off the same expenses as a business owner. There are thousands of MLM companies in this country, but I have only listed the ten that I feel give you the best chance for successes.

5,000 Faxes Go Out to local Businesses with you Menu/ Specials for under $10075.) Vitamin Sales

Our country is the biggest consumer of supplements in the world. What you probably did not know is that you can custom make your own product/ product line, through established manufacturers and sell your vitamins throughout the market. This is called contract manufacturing. Come out with a new diet product and make huge $$$.

76.) Translation Services

If you can speak, read and write a different language then you are in huge demand. Offer to change current companies web sites, catalogs, letters, etc. into a different language. Because our economy is getting more global everyday, you will have no problem charging up to $75/ hour for your services. Get a few foreign language teachers on staff and develop a global media translation powerhouse. You can also sit at meetings or take calls as a third party translator for large fees.

77.) Deck Building

Let Homeowners know about your Home Services. 1,000 flyers Printed and Delivered for $129.00If you enjoy the outdoors and are fairly good with woodworking you can install decks. The popularity of having wood decks at a residence are at an all time high. You can get the plans for each custom deck off the internet or purchase pre cut decks at major home improvement stores. You can easily purchase new tools and lease vehicles to expand into multiple crews at a 100% write off.

78.) Distribution Company

Find a few products that are popular in your area. Contact the manufacturers and offer to be a distributor for those products. They will cut you an incredible deal and you use their marketing materials and samples to sell their products in your community. Expansion is easy. Just add more related products that you distribute. You can buy a building, trucks, etc. and write it all off.

79.) E-based Business

Let Retail Promotions of AZ build your e commerce web site and help increase web traffic with SEO Services.Live the new American dream. Find a product/ service and offer it to the 1.4 billion internet users in the world, without leaving the comfort of your home. But, for every good e based business opportunity there are 1000’s of people who are not even close to reputable, thus taking people’s money. I have been approached by hundreds of e based businesses in my life and have only found a few that I would use. Ebay and Craigslist are good one's for selling.

80.) Company Posting for SEO Rankings
Do you Blog, Tweet and Update your Facebook page like a maniac. You are in high demand posting for private companies trying to increase their web traffic and search engine listings rank. The simple truth is there is no magic bullet to doing this. Rankings must have people update and post all the time to be competitive in the digital age. Great for the population going "Viral"

81.) Window Tinting

A slam dunk money maker. You can purchase decals or have them custom made. Offer your customers tinted windows on their home, business or car along with professional decals to let other business owners market their businesses. You have the cost of a squeegee and razor blades to start. The rest is passed on to the customer. The great part of this business is that when people see you working, or your finished work. They will seek you out, thus your marketing budget is very low.

82.) Front Yard Media

Cheapest Flyers in the USA!!! Let Us quote your next Print Job- www.rpmaz.comFor every large advertisement on the highway there are thousands of cars driving around your local area. Find local Homes and businesses that will lease you space in their yard or building side and contract local advertising for these locations. You will help the home owner/ business owner with a stable monthly revenue while getting placement in an unique areas in town for your advertising clients. 200 Locations at a $50 profit/ month is $10,000. You can offer your services to local charities and politicians if you play your cards right.

83.) Place Mat Advertising

I saw this in a diner in rural Nevada. Take the layout of a placemat. Put the eating establishment logo in the center and create up to 10 other ads around it. Go to local businesses and get advertisers that would like people to see their business on a placemat in restaurants. Offer any Eating Place the large center ad of the placemat free. They will use your placemat and that’s it. You can print for as many places as you want and make as much money as you want.

84.) Musician/ Artist

If you are a rare person who has artistic ability, then you are truly in demand. Just schedule a few live performances/ exhibits a few times for practice at the business end of your craft, then go out and sell your art or schedule gigs for cash. Every local area has art shows where you can make contacts and you are now a Professional Artist. If your talent is ethnic than find local events and publications to exploit your target market.

Are You Gifted as a Seer? Let us Print Your ads to get Clients. Retail Promotions of AZ has Great Pricing on all printing.85.) Fortune Teller/ Tarot Cards

Are you a person that believes that the stars and planets make certain days better than others. You are not alone. The horoscope section of your local newspaper is the most expensive section to advertise in, because it is the most highly read of all newspaper sections. There are a variety of ways to tell the future, or offer insight. You can have clients visit you or go to them. If you are really good you can probably charge by the month and deliver horoscopes and or other predictions by email or a phone call on a daily basis. You can expand by finding more and more clients.

86.) Alternative Mortgage Company

This is a very popular service for large metropolitan areas. The simple truth is that there are many good people who have been unfortunate when it comes to finances. This will make it next to impossible for people to get home loans. It is your job to find a group of private investors that will be the bank for a home purchase. Show your investors how they can create a huge tax write off while securing their money in the physical property. It works out for everyone and you will receive a fee from both the buyer and the investor.

87.) Debt Relief/ Consolidation Business

There are thousands of these businesses in the country today. But a majority are run by very dishonest people. Be one of the good guys and help your clients set up a budget to get out of debt within a 1-5 year period. You can haggle with the companies to get lower interest and lower settlement amounts. Build in a fee for your service and start advertising. Most debt councilors charge a monthly fee and a 50% bonus on any money saved by the customer in waived fees and lower interest rates.

88.) Modeling Agency

Use Unique Retail Promotions to Start your Own Agency.Do you like being around beautiful people? We have a business for you. Set up a commission deal with a couple local photographers and help start up models set up a professional portfolio along with brokering their services to local malls, catalogs and events. You will get paid on their portfolio and they will be happy to pay you up to 25% commissions for your service.

89.) Collectibles Appraisal/ Sales

This is listed as one of the best businesses to be in for the future. Many elderly people are looking for shelters to put their money in that they can use to pass their wealth on to loved ones. But if they give money it is taxed at a very accelerated rate after they pass on. Many are setting up trusts, if they are wealthy, but what about common people. Here is an idea! If these same people invested in rare coins, stamps, or other collectables, they can give them as gifts and because they are not cashed, they are conversely not taxed. Get a few books and become a an appraiser of collectables.

90.) Recycling Services

Set up your Recycling clients with Unique Retail Promotions.A very environmental business to start is the collection and eventual recycling of paper, aluminum, steel, etc. I knew a welder that would purchase box cars from train companies and cut them apart and sell the pre cut steel to other industries. He can be contracted to scrap machinery, vehicles, etc. and makes an excellent living. Expansion can happen with a little land and a shop to have projects delivered. Just go out and find what the going rate is for different recyclables and collect them for a profit. Some people do this business model with pallets. You can easily collect pallets from almost any distribution or manufacturing facility. Refurbish the pallets that are a little worn and resell them back to other distributors/ manufacturers. If you can create a business in recycling it is great because you are getting paid to pick up the items and also making money on selling them. Your cost of goods is literally nothing so a profit is very easily made. If you paint your phone # on every pallet you sell, you can have some fun seeing how far your pallets make it across the country.

91.) Ticket Broker

If you live in a state where ticket brokering is legal than it is a great business to be in. Simply pass out questionnaires to 500 people and find out what events they attend. When those events come to town purchase the tickets and add on a 25% administrative fee. It is a good idea to have them give you a credit card to purchase the tickets so you are not left holding tickets. During events that will obviously sell out buy a block of tickets and sell them for up to 5 times their face value. People who are used to getting the best seats are already accustomed to paying these prices to have a great time and be close to the action.

92.) In store Demo Company

Have you ever eaten a food sample at the grocery store? Then you are very familiar with industry in store demonstrations (Demos). What you probably did not know is that these are not usually employees of the establishment, they are private companies hired to give out literature and/or samples to build product recognition. Go through your house and find products with the company email or phone on them. Call those companies and see who their current demo company is in your area. If there isn’t one then offer your services. Demos are usually worth $50/ hour per location. Get a large account and have more business than you can handle. Expand by hiring independent contracted employees and service multiple locations.

93.) Data Sales– Lead Generation

A common task of any company is to build their client list with new customers. Offer them phone #’s, Fax #’s and email addresses that hit their target market using a variety of filters. Sell them leads at a cost and move on to your next customer. There are a variety of cheap, or free ways to obtain data. Just learn how to do it and have a residual customer base that will keep coming back for more.

94.) Broadcast Fax Service

Broadcast faxing is among the business community’s most convenient and cost effective method for relaying specials and news about a company. It is usually the most effective in industries that deal primarily with business to business sales. Also anything to do with food is also very popular. You can easily acquire a list of fax #’s from many lead brokers and bulk send them through a variety of software. Get accounts all day long while your computers are faxing out a message automatically for up to $.25/ fax. You can easily make $200/ day for every computer running. Expansion can be achieved by increasing your client base and adding more computers. Write offs are many and you can easily run this business in a spare room in your home.

95.) Indoor Plant Company

Everyone knows the healing powers of foliage in a indoor environment. The plants provide a surplus of oxygen for an indoor environment along with helping to humidify the air during dry seasons. People that come to a place of business are often impressed with large exotic plants and the employees in these places are usually more calm and friendly. Rent/ or sell a series of plants and containers to local businesses/ malls and contract to keep them green and maintained. You can write off a lot of expenses, while showing the world your green thumb. Expand by getting a green house and growing your rental plants to avoid paying for them. You can also sell gardening equipment at this location.

96.) Freelance Delivery Service

This is a great business in any area. Go to a variety of local businesses that use courier services/ same day delivery services and offer to do their local pick up and deliveries at a charge. Many of these companies are contracted by Automotive garages, attorneys and even retail stores to deliver goods that are too big for the customer to take home themselves. You can also get a inexpensive license that allows you to transport medical supplies for hospitals. Even pizza places will need you from time to time when their drivers call in sick.

97.) Public Speaker

Let Retail Promotions of AZ help you with Cheap Flyers and Broadcast faxing to make your Presentation a Huge Success!If you are a person who loves to entertain and have a unique knowledge about a topic that would interest people then be a public speaker. Set up seminar locations, sell tickets and speak to interested people in a group forum. If you need assistance in booking locations then you can hire an agent and give up some of your profits. But let’s do some easy math. If you could sell 1 event per month to 250 people and charge $29.95/ ticket, that is a gross profit of $7,500.00. If you add a product or service to your message you can sell it and own the concessions at the seminar for an additional revenue stream.

98.) Security Service

If you can get together with local law enforcement and events that are happening in your community and/or know a few celebrities, you can be a security service business owner. People pay big money for both corporate and personal security. Make sure you have a crystal clean record as well as your employees. A majority of companies would rather hire from the private sector, because of the extreme exposure a company has if their employee was hurt or hurt someone else in the form of a lawsuit. Get bonded and make a ton of money. All of your employees can be 1099 so expansion is as easy as it comes.

99.) CD/ DVD Replicating

A true growth industry! For a very small amount of money you can upgrade a home computer to burn CD’s and DVD’s. Talk to your printer about cases and printed materials and you are in business. Sell your services in producing these mediums for product catalogs, music CD’s, etc. A lot of these style businesses take other mediums such as photo albums, record collections, home videos, tapes, VHS videos, etc. and transfer them to the more current DVD/ CD format.

100.) Vending Routes

Printers offer Honor Boxes that have food items in them with a small slot for money. These are to be placed, at the location with a variety of snacks in the box. Most boxes fit 100 items and give the owner a profit of $80 for every refill. It is a good idea to give 10% to a local charity and place a sticker from the charity on the box. This will decrease the amount of snacks not paid for. You should also make sure the employer guarantees that they will cover any shortages. Use your affiliation with the charity to make sure you will not experience theft and guilt the owner into paying any shortages. As you grow, buy electric vending machines to replace the honor boxes. Most vending machine owners average about $100.00 per machine per visit and work few hours. To realize big money about 40 locations are required at good locations. Write offs are plentiful and the freedom of this kind of business is unsurpassed.

This article is not a substitution for legal or financial advise about starting your own business. All new businesses have risks and requirements associated with them. Before you start any business, speak with qualified government agencies about tax, license, insurance  and other requirements involved before charging for any good or service.
Retail Promotions of AZ and the Author claim no responsibilty for individual business ventures and make no guarantees about any new businesses profitability or risk. Any new business owner should consider very carefully the required effort and expense in starting a business and the strong comittment to its upkeep and legal requirements.

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